The Story

What is the World’s Favourite Colour?

World’s Favourite Colour interactive website.

When we are children, everyone has an answer to the question ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ But something changes as we reach adulthood. Our favourite colour becomes less important as a statement of identity; and many of us never think about our favourite colour again.

As a result of this insight, over a four month period, G.F Smith set out on a global search to answer this question and to find the world’s favourite colour. Crossing cultures and continents, national borders and language barriers, age brackets and social categories, the project is the most ambitious and wide-ranging investigations into colour preference ever conducted, and the insights have the potential to change the way we think about and view colour.

Through a social campaign, PR and editorial articles, voters were driven to the website, and its interactive colour picker. Submissions were categorised by the surname of the applicant and the closest colour family that their submission belonged to.